Sunday, November 19, 2006

Pink Champagne

Yesterday afternoon, I got my exam results.

It was so stressful because I discovered whilst at work that the results had been put up on the College website. Even worse, they were listed by candidate number and I could not remember which one I was.

In a blind panic, I phoned the College and they gave me my number. I looked up the result at least four times to be sure.


I was so relieved!!!

Well, it was definitely a cause for celebration. I had already agreed to meet up with some girlfriends for a drink and maybe some dinner in Chiswick. It turned out to be a full-on celebration, complete with pink champagne.

Excellent stuff.

We had a lovely Thai meal following this (must go back there with Jase, it was really good) at the Thai Bistro in Chiswick. Afterwards, I drove one of the girls home to Kilburn (very funny because I'd never been there before) although coming home was a bit hairy! I ended up on the North Circular so all was well (as this is very familiar to me).

Yay! I'm so happy and relieved!


James said...

Nice one Serena. Congratulations!!

*phew*'s all round. ;-)

GF said...

Congratulations Serena, you certainly put in more than enough hard work for it - you deserve the celebrations!!


Rena said...

Hehe, thanks guys!

Just a shame I had to work the whole weekend. Maybe when Jase gets his new, big-earning job I will be able to cut back on the number of weekends I have to work...

Well, here's hoping anyway!



GF said...

If Jason gets a new big earning job, does he want a new Scottish colleague to help him?