Friday, November 24, 2006

Ten tooth girl

We were both absolutely shattered this morning as Lauren woke about 5 times overnight. We couldn't work out why because she wasn't running a fever and seemed well in herself. When I got to work, all my colleagues told me to check if she was teething.

When we got her out of the bath tonight we had a look in her mouth. To our surprise, there were TWO new teeth (premolars) there in the upper jaw that definitely weren't there at the weekend.

So tonight we made sure that Lauren had some nurofen before she went to bed. Poor girl! Her gums must have been sore last night. Also explains why she's not been keen to eat over the last couple of days.

Still, despite all of this the little girl seems quite cheerful during the day. Children are just so resilient!

*As a quick aside, our broadband is still going strong. UKOnline still haven't cut us off in our switch over to Sky!*

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GF said...

Did you feel like a bad parent for not noticing? You're right though, kids are so resilient.

Why aren't adults? Is it because they can complain or do they just want to make a big thing of it?

Of course, that's not the case for Man Flu, it's definitely debilitating, but that aside....