Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Friends for Lunch

Sunday lunch was a bit of reunion, as we finally managed to drag Gareth over to our place for some grub. We also got to meet Gillian (the infamous "GK" from the Blog comments) in the flesh.

Anyway we had good food, a bit of wine and Gareth made Serena and I jealous!!!!

Lauren built something when playing with him! Before she has been happy to watch us build something and then she would knock it flying whilst squealing in excitement. But No! Not for Uncle Gareth. He would put down a cube and she would grab another and place it carefully on top and then repeat the process whilst Gareth stabilised the tower.

Anyway, much fun was had by all and it was great to catch-up. Must do it again soon!


GF said...

I look forward to seeing the photos, and when you have broadband up and running again will email mine to you too.

No need to get jealous, she's your lovely daughter. As Gillian put it on Sunday, even with the throwing the bricks and Lauran fetching them; I just seem to manage to get girls to run around for me. Hee-hee!! :)

GK said...

We had a lovely time too and it was great to have a relaxing Sunday for a change.

Lauren was so cute in the flesh!! But I think she loved seeing Uncle Gareth juggling the best - guess what he is getting for Christmas!

GF said...

Oh my god!! I look evil in that photo!!!

Oh yeah and my belt makes it look like my gut is making a bid for freedom!!!!

OK, OK, I sound like a girl now...I'll shut up!!

Jase said...