Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas Everyone

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas from all of us here in the Ayers family.


Saturday, December 22, 2007

An early Christmas present from the bank

I had to laugh.

Today I received two cheques (yes, two!) from my bank, each for the princely sum of two pence.


Now I have to waste a first class stamp postage to cash them into my account!!

I think I'll wait...

Thursday, December 20, 2007

This week, I'm mostly laughing...

Jocelyn has been surprising us with her laughter this week. We haven't really heard her laugh properly before. However, Jase was making funny faces in the bath on Tuesday and Jocey came out with a huge chuckle! We were both really surprised and pleased to hear it.

She's really coming on and beginning to explore her environment now. She was putting her foot purposely under the tap tonight to feel the water between her toes.

And always, we are rewarded with her beautiful smile.

Home 006

Home 007

Here she is hugging the musical zebra. This is currently her favourite toy.

Girls 001

She is like a ray of sunshine in our lives.

Art and Panto

Lauren and I had a wonderful day on Tuesday, her day off from nursery.

We headed up to the Park Club and we were there all day. She played on the climbing frame and slides with me for a bit (it was cold though, so we went back indoors after a while) until it was time for lunch.

At lunch time, we ate at the little restaurant on site. She loved her little fish fingers and polished them off. I was quietly amused that I seemed to be the only mum having a burger (a nice one made on the premises though, not a mass produced one). All the other mums there were picking at their salads. Looking around, I seemed to be the only one enjoying my food though...!

After lunch, we went down to the crèche where they were supervising small groups of children making Christmas decorations. Lauren loved it! She painted a little reindeer money box.

Home 014

Not conventional colouring for a reindeer, but definitely imaginative!

After the painting session, we went to their Christmas panto. It was a production of Sleeping Beauty, put on by a small company of six. It was great fun and full of terrible jokes (as a panto should be). Lauren seemed to enjoy it although was quite tired by the second half. I think she was a little bit scared of the evil witch as well! However, it was a really good end to a fun day and gave me further confidence to do things with the two girls on my days alone with the two of them.

Friends to stay

At the weekend, Jason's friends Gareth and Gillian came to stay. They had been at a concert in Shepherd's Bush and dropped in to stay with us on the Saturday.

It's been a year since we saw them last. Way too long!

I was glad that I cooked them one of my big hearty meals because they told me that they had been eating pizza and burgers the previous night as the concert finished late and all hope of a proper meal had gone. My almond and honey roasted lamb with South Indian vegetables disappeared in a flash, along with a sticky chocolate pud!

Lauren was a bit shy at first but quickly warmed up to our house guests. She was on her very best behaviour but unfortunately was so excited that she didn't want to go to bed!

When we finally persuaded her to go to sleep, Jase and Gareth did their great Star Wars trivial pursuit challenge. It was actually a lot of fun, and red wine helped Gareth and Gillian to a good victory with the general trivia.

Here's a picture of Gareth, Gillian, Jocey, Lauren and me.

Home 013

We had a wonderful time! I wish we had house guests a bit more often. Going out is next to impossible these days with the two girls but our night in proved that eating in can be just as much fun!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Back to work

I am so glad that Jase is back to work. I am also happy to report that he seems to be enjoying it, despite the long commute.

He's having to leave at the crack of dawn, so we are both really tired at the moment. We're unable to get to bed early because of chores around the house and we get up in the night to feed the girls.

He tells me the work appears interesting and challenging and that the team are friendly. I'm just glad that he's out of the house and back in the office again, as he was getting a bit down at home.

I am a bit worried about all this commuting. It didn't matter so much before when we lived in Edinburgh because we didn't have the girls. It takes Jase about an hour and a half to get to and from work, which probably means that he cannot help with taking the girls to and from nursery. When I get back to work this will put me under a lot of strain.

Jase is currently experimenting with alternative routes to work to see which takes the shortest time. However, it all leads me to believe that we will have to move house next year, sooner rather than later so that he can cut the commute time down.

We need to start seriously saving up as moving house is a very expensive business these days, and there are still a few niggly jobs to complete around the house.


We've had a really busy time lately trying to clear the house of junk and clutter before our guests arrive for the festive season. Jase has been to the tip and the local charity shops on several occasions with unwanted goods and general rubbish. We recycled a truck load of plastics and paper as well.

Unfortunately, with all this lugging about Jase seems to have hurt his shoulder. He's been in quite a lot of discomfort with it, and I'm convinced he's strained his rotator cuff muscles. His personal trainer showed him a few shoulder stretches to try to improve things and I've shown him some stuff I learned from our physios at work.

Jocelyn, our sunny princess was also out of sorts yesterday after her immunisations. She was absolutely fine at the time of the injections and for a couple of hours afterwards but then woke up from sleep in the middle of the afternoon crying.

It was really upsetting, because Jocey is a calm baby and very rarely cries. Yesterday she was screaming. She was obviously sore somewhere and upset by it but couldn't tell me.

She cried for a good 40 minutes before the calpol finally kicked in and enabled her to sleep. Fortunately, when she woke up in the evening she was absolutely fine and back to her normal cheerful self.

Now I'm a pretty calm mum but I must admit to being quite upset by it all yesterday. It was heartbreaking to see her so upset. I hate it when the girls are ill, upset or distressed.

Jocey is again her normal cheerful self today; we're off to Lauren's carol concert at her nursery soon. I'm utterly exhausted (I've not been able to get to bed before midnight any night for about 3 weeks because we've had so much to do and sometimes we have to do those things after Lauren has gone to bed) but I'm still looking forward to it!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Rained off and grumpy

Last weekend, we were looking forward to going to see Santa and the live Nativity scene at the Park Club.

Lauren had been quite excited; she knows that Santa is somehow important at the moment (although I don't think she knows exactly who he is or what he does yet). There is a giant Santa (a blow-up one) at the door of her nursery at the moment and she's always happy to see him.

Unfortunately, when the weekend finally came the weather was absolutely foul. It was raining sideways here in London but we nevertheless decided to brave the inclement weather and ventured out.

Also against us was the fact that Santa was not due to show until 5pm. I was a bit worried as Lauren is often flagging by the time 5pm comes around and when she's tired she starts to get naughty and grumpy. She often refuses to have an afternoon nap now, so afternoons can become a little fraught.

They don't call it "The Terrible Twos" for nothing!

At first, she seemed to be quite cheerful and Jase even managed to get some good pictures of her.

Christmas Part 1 003

When we got to the club, it was very busy with about 100 screaming children running around indoors in the cafe area. All the parents were also huddled indoors because of the rain. It was a bit mad.

We escaped outdoors to find the live Nativity scene.

Christmas Part 1 009

At first, Lauren did enjoy it although she was a little apprehensive as the sheep were massive close up! However, this quickly turned into an absolute refusal to stand or walk on her own and I had to carry her for the rest of the afternoon.

Christmas Part 1 014

At 4pm, we were all told that the cafe area was shutting and that we would have to wait outside for the arrival of Santa at 5pm. It was still pouring with rain and with nowhere to sit in either marquee set up in the grounds (the only shelter available) we decided to head home. Lauren was really tired and grumpy by this time, and even Jocelyn was looking unimpressed.

What a pity!

We're hoping that this weekend will see some better weather for the Christmas fair and ice skating, otherwise we'll go swimming instead.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Growing more...

I've got some new photos of Jocelyn to share. I can't believe she's 13 weeks old tomorrow; that's half of my maternity leave gone already!

She's really growing very fast. She's now filling the 3-6 month bodysuits to their limit and wearing clothes that Lauren was wearing when she was 6 to 9 months old! Jocelyn turns 3 months tomorrow.

Look at these photos.

Lauren at six months

Jocelyn 07

You could be forgiven for thinking that they are both photos of Jocey. However, the first photo is Lauren at six months and the second is of Jocelyn, taken last week. They grow more alike every day.

My beautiful baby girls!

Jocelyn's Baptism

Two weeks ago, we headed up to the frozen north for Jocelyn's baptism. Just like Lauren before her, I wanted Jocey to be baptised in my church, the Church of Scotland. I was a member of the congregation and the choir of St Giles' Cathedral for eight years and Jase and I were married there by the Minister.

We stayed a few days in York to break the journey as we were driving up and picked up Jase's parents and Aunty Madge before setting off again for Edinburgh.

On the evening before the baptism, we had a wonderful meal out at Lune Town in Edinburgh. The restaurant is run by a friend of my dad's; they play golf together.

Here's Lauren polishing off some prawn crackers.

Baptism 002

Mum and dad with Lauren.

Baptism 008

Suzanne and Peter with Lauren.

Baptism 010

The two girls with the two grandmas.

Baptism 011

Lauren with Mama and Grandma.

Baptism 013

The following day, we went to the High Kirk for the baptism. It was a wonderful service; however, as we were one of three families there for baptisms, the church was perhaps noisier than usual!

We took no pictures at St Giles because it was bitterly cold and I didn't want the children to get cold. So we all headed back to my parents' house for pictures in their sitting room.

This is Jocelyn and Lauren with Suzanne and Peter.

Baptism 018

Jason's Aunty Madge and Suzanne with the two girls.

Baptism 022

Here are the girls with my mum and dad.

Baptism 025

And finally, the girls with Mama and Daddy.

Baptism 027

Mum cooked us all some fabulous food for lunch and we all had a great time. It was also a wonderful opportunity to catch up with our friends Jill and Mark as we had not seen them for a long time. Their two children played with Lauren; they all seemed to have a fun time together.

The weekend was quickly over and it was time to drive back to London. We were pretty tired by the time we arrived home on Tuesday. It has taken us a further week to tidy up and clean the house in readiness for Christmas (see this post).

So here I am finally sitting down to a well deserved rest!

You can see all the photos from the baptism weekend here.

More hours in the day

I've noticed that since Jocelyn arrived, our lives have been so much busier. I am sure that this is not just the effect of having a hungry new baby in the house, but also that we need to spend more time with Lauren when she feels jealous of the new addition to the household.

I know I haven't written any updates since November 10th; this is largely because I find that the only time Jase and I have to ourselves is when both girls are asleep at night. We've discovered that as parents of two children under 3, we can only choose between quality time together or sleep.

You can't have both.

Unfortunately, some nights we are so tired that sleep is the only option! I need more hours in the day.

Anyway, on the plus side, we've had lots of fun with the girls including going swimming with them, going up to Edinburgh for Jocelyn's baptism and I continue to go to my Mummy and Baby yoga with Jocey.

There's been some good news on the job front as well with Jase starting his new job on Monday. We are so relieved!

To top it all, I have had a massive tidy in the house, recycled tons of waste paper and old magazines and now the house is almost ready for the Christmas festivities. Both families will be heading to London to join us; we can't wait as this will really be the first Christmas in our own house. I don't count the first Christmas we spent here after Lauren was born as we were forced to celebrate Christmas on a building site!

This weekend, we are really looking forward to going to see the arrival of Santa and the live Nativity scene at the Park Club. I can't wait to see what Lauren makes of it!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

"Look me; I pretty!"

We're not the only ones to have enjoyed going to our new health club and using the facilities. Lauren really enjoys going as there is so much there for her to do. We've started taking her to swimming lessons but as well as sports facilities there are also children's playgrounds, a very large sand pit and a big bouncy castle / trampoline area. It's fab!

On the first day we went as a family, Lauren played on the climbing frame and slides.

The Park Club 011

She had a wonderful time, as this particular climbing frame has three slides and two turrets to explore.

The Park Club 002

There are even two telescopes on the climbing frame; Lauren was quick to check them out.

The Park Club 012

You can see how much fun she had!

Whilst we were at the club, we bumped into some of her little friends from nursery. After a leisurely lunch, they all played in the soft play area together.

They invented a little jumping game, which they thoroughly enjoyed.

Listen to all the giggling!

During this jumping game, Lauren was really quite chatty with her little friends. I was really tickled to hear her say to the little boy, "Look me, Tony; I pretty!"

I think this was because we'd put her in one of her new skirts and I had told her how pretty she looked in it. She was obviously really proud of her appearance that day.

My beautiful girl!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Lauren and Bravia Bunny

Last weekend, the family went to the What Hi-Fi Show at the Hammersmith Novotel. Whilst Jase talks about the techy stuff, I thought I'd say a bit about what the girls and I did.

You've probably seen the adverts for the Sony TVs (the Bravia range) on television with the wonderful animated rabbits running through a city. If you haven't seen it, click on the box below.

One of the first stands we visited at the show was the Sony stand. Whilst Jase was drooling over the TVs, Lauren became besotted with the Bravia Bunny. Here, she sees one of the Bunnies for the first time.

What Hi-Fi Show 006

I think she wanted to take them home...

What Hi-Fi Show 009

Every time we walked away, she would drag us back to see the bunnies.

What Hi-Fi Show 012

Here, in this clip she gives the Bravia bunny a kiss! It was just so sweet!

As a day out, it was a huge success as the girls were both very well behaved and we all enjoyed it as a family. I was so glad that Lauren enojyed it as much as we did, especially as some of the exhibitors made a real effort to keep her entertained whilst we were looking around. At one stand (I think at the excellent Dali listening room) the demonstator from Dali even put on "Happy Feet" for Lauren (on their amazing home cinema system). What a nice man! Lauren was really happy and wanted to stay to watch the entire movie.

It's certainly building up our confidence at handling the two girls out and about.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Health drive

As life has been more settled with Jocelyn and we've got to grips with things, we've decided to try to get fit and improve our health. At a recent health check, Jase was again warned that he was overweight, and I am also eager to get trim after the birth. However, both of us are strongly against all forms of crash and yo-yo dieting.

We decided on two things. Firstly, changing the fundamentals of how we eat and trying a low-GI diet, and secondly doing more exercise.

We picked a low-GI diet because (to be fair) it's really about a healthier way of eating rather than a diet. I was surprised after reading the book that my initial thoughts on what was low-GI were slightly inaccurate. Obvious things like potatoes, rice and white bread are no good because they burn up quickly (so no jacket potatoes, unlike all too many people trying other diets), but also brown bread, pasta, parsnips, swedes and broad beans are also in this category. However, chocolate and sweet potatoes are low-GI!

We now eat many more vegetables, pulses and beans. This has also coincided with my recent passion for Indian food, after being inspired by our trip to Benares on Jase's birthday. This cannot be a bad thing. Already, Jase has lost half a stone.

We've also joined a local health club. We've been members of gyms before and it never lasted because we rapidly became demotivated (as many people do). However, we picked this club because it has excellent facilities for children, including a creche. We looked around the creche and it was excellent with lovely staff and fantastic facilities. They also run activities and clubs for older kids during their holidays. I can put Jocelyn in the creche once she reaches 12 weeks so that I can go to sessions in the gym or attend classes.

For Lauren, they have swimming and football sessions for now (which we are keen to try with her on days when she isn't at nursery). When she's older, she can try ballet, tennis and karate amongst other things. There were also wonderful play areas in the grounds for her.

Despite the expense (and yes, it was expensive) we are really pleased to have done this in order to get fit. I went to my first mother and baby yoga class today, which was great fun and allowed me to meet other mums. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed it and will definitely be going again (as well as trying some of their other classes).

Yes, going to the gym is boring but going to the classes (which I hadn't done before)is much more fun. We also each get a personal trainer included with our membership fee as well; this is definitely a bonus.

I also can't wait to try to heated outdoor pool.

The club has many social events as well; on Monday, we are going to the Fireworks night with the girls. They've promised us that it'll be spectacular and we can't wait.

Let's hope we remain this motivated a few months down the line!


Lauren has been at nursery one day less since I started my maternity leave, so is now at home 4 days a week. We did this because we wanted to save a bit of money and because we thought she would like to spend some time with us and getting to know her little sister.

This has meant that we've had to think up things to keep her entertained. At her age, she isn't able to sit doing anything for any length of time because her attention span is quite short.

We've been out to the park quite a lot; this stops us all from becoming couch potatoes and means that we all get fresh air.

Autumn has been in really glorious in London this year; we've had many mild days with sunshine. The trees have also put on a fantastic display of colour (apparently because of our wet summer).

Park 034

Here's one of Daddy and the girls in Ravenscourt Park. Lauren was taking a break to eat a biscuit after tearing around the playground.

Park 023

Mama also had her hands full with the girls!

Park 052

On a separate day, she had fun playing "monkey".

She also enjoyed kicking the leaves about with Mama.

Jocelyn has really grown. Last weekend, we estimated her weight at 10lb 4oz; however, our bathroom scales are not hugely accurate. I will get her weighed properly next week when she has her immunisations. She has also been much more alert and active; she often looks around, smiles and coos at us.

In the second clip, you can hear Lauren talking. She was desperate to have herself on camera!

So I took the next clip of Lauren. In this video, Lauren wanted to be the director for a change! She was desperate to see what I was filming.

Lauren has also learned to do a few magic tricks! Here is the little wizard in action. She's trying to put a cloth over my hand, blow on it and make something disappear (not sure what though, as she didn't put anything in my hand at the start!). She wasn't pleased when Daddy tried to interfere ("No! Leave it!"). We were trying very hard not to giggle.

There have also been many opportunities for cuddles with Jocelyn. Here are some pictures of the two girls together.

At Home 012

At Home 011

Here are some photos of Daddy and Jocelyn today.

Home 002

Home 011

I think she's getting more gorgeous every day!

Ghosts and Ghouls

On Halloween, we were inundated by Trick-or-Treaters. As Jase observed, times have changed since we were kids.

I had forgotten that we would have to supply treats so had to rustle up a few things from my store cupboards. This did mean that all the local kids who knocked on our doors got healthy snacks, as we don't have sweets or junk food in the house.

Although one little girl was clearly disappointed not to get a fistful of sweets, I think the others weren't too disappointed with their organic biscuits (sweetened with apple juice only), raisins, apples and low-GI muffins. Certainly, the accompanying parents seemed pleased!

Lauren took it all very seriously. They had had a Halloween party at nursery and I think she took it a bit too much to heart. Here she is looking a little worried.

Home 001

It turns out she was worried that the monsters would get in the house!

Of course, she got lots of hugs from Mama. My poor little girl!

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Celebrating Daddy's 35th birthday

Two weeks ago, we celebrated Jase's 35th birthday. I suggested a trip out to a restaurant to celebrate as poor Jase has been pretty down about the job situation. It's been really hard for him being out of work for over half of this year. Thank goodness my job situation has given us some stability.

He decided to book a table at Benares (he didn't tell me this though), the Indian restaurant run by Atul Kochher. We were impressed by his dishes on the Great British Menu and had talked about going someday. However, I hadn't thought that it would be any time soon as his restaurant is in Mayfair and I haven't even tried venturing into central London with Lauren yet.

I'm not sure why this is, except that perhaps I dreaded the thought of being jostled by hundreds of hostile commuters on the Underground whilst trying to manage a pushchair on my own. Very few of the Tube stations in London have lifts and although some do have escalators, there are many with multiple flights of stairs. Definitely not pushchair or child friendly. So Lauren has never been on the Tube, although we have been on the bus together.

However, on our recent holiday to Barcelona, we went on their excellent Underground system with Lauren without too many hitches. Having said that though, their Underground is much more modern and user friendly! I suppose this gave me more confidence to venture into central London.

Jase booked a lunchtime table as he felt it would be easier for the two of us to manage Jocelyn on a day when Lauren was at nursery. Although it meant Lauren missed out on the meal, I doubt she would have enjoyed it; it would have been too boring for her to sit still for that length of time!

On the day, we dressed up Jocey for her first Michelin Starred restaurant.

Benares 004

I thought she looked gorgeous! This picture also shows how big she's grown. Lauren first wore this outfit when she was 4 months old (Christmas 2005) and it was big on her at that stage. Jocey was 6 weeks old on Daddy's birthday.

We actually got to Mayfair without too much trouble (being lunchtime), passing Claridges on the way. For a moment, I thought we were actually going to eat there! Benares wasn't muich further away; it was tucked between a Rolls Royce and a Bentley garage on Berkeley Square.

This is us at the restaurant.

Benares 013

We had an absolutely fabulous time. The staff were friendly and attentive, and we were well looked after. We were surprised and pleased to see Atul in the restaurant, supervising service.

The food was excellent. I had a soft shelled crab strter and Jase had the mixed kebab, both of which were excellent. Following this, I had venison and Jase had king prawns. The dishes were a fantastic mixture of complex yet subtle flavours. We both enjoyed the food immensely.

We agonised over the dessert menu...


When the desserts finally came, they were as beautiful as the rest of the meal had been. The staff even added an additional birthday flourish when they found out it was Jase's birthday.

Benares 012

It was a wonderful and memorable meal, which really lifted our spirits. Happy birthday to Daddy! That evening we had a little family celebration at home with Lauren. She wanted to wish Daddy a happy birthday in her own way.

A perfect end to a perfect day!

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Mouth ouch and other tales

Poor Lauren is teething again and this time her big molars are emerging. Because of this she has been a bit precious at night and hasn't really wanted to eat much. We've tried to cheer her up by keeping her entertained and taking her to the park to see the ducks and play on the climbing frames.

As usual, she made a bee-line for the bouncy elephant.

Park 002

She also wanted to go on the low climbing frame with Mummy.

Park 007

Smiles for Daddy and Jocelyn.

Park 009

Jocelyn enjoys a snooze in the park.

Park 004

We've had a pretty good week otherwise; the girls are settling into a routine with each other and Lauren clearly adores Jocey as much as we do. Jocey and I are getting to grips with breastfeeding again and have been doing well, so I'm not having to express breast milk for her any more (which saves me a huge amount of time as no more sterilising bottles!). She's still needing to feed quite a lot at night so I am still pretty tired, but at least I do get to lie in in the morning.

We've been introducing Lauren to the potty, as she has begun to show interest in the toilet and an understanding of needing to go. We got her a potty and have encouraged her to sit on it in a playful way. We've also tried to explain to her that the potty is where the wee and the poo-poo "live". Initially she would sit on it but end up doing a wee on the floor!

However, this morning she rewarded us by successfully doing a wee in the potty. We were both really pleased with her.

Lauren is also developing a huge vocabulary. Earlier this week, she slipped a little going down stairs and did not want to go any further. When I picked her up to take her downstairs, she said "Mummy, Lauren scared"! I'd never heard her use the word before, never mind using it in the correct context! Later on she told Daddy she was scared of the dark.

We've bought some night lights for her room and some for the upstairs hall landing. We are hoping that this will help; maybe this is why recently she has been so reluctant to go to sleep at night but was fine going for naps during the day. My poor little girl!

Friday, October 12, 2007

Just coincidence?

We were talking about birthdays the other night, in a quiet moment after Lauren had gone to bed and whilst feeding Jocey. It's coming up to Jase's birthday soon and we were discussing what he wanted to do etc. I then commented on how his birthday was on a Thursday this year.

We then realised something rather strange. Jocey was born on a Thursday this year, so her birthday will always be the same day of the week as Jase. Then we realised that although Lauren was born on a Tuesday, she was born two years ago so her birthday this year was also on a Thursday.

Lauren's birthday comes first, then Jocey's birthday is exactly 3 weeks after Lauren's and Jase's birthday is exactly 6 weeks after that. What a coincidence!

Of course, I have to be difficult and the odd one out. My birthday was on a Monday this year!

Saturday, October 06, 2007

The first month

I can't believe that almost a month has passed since Jocelyn was born. Tomorrow she will be one month old! The time has gone very quickly.

I'm still struggling to get into a routine at the moment; there are days when I feel it has been a real achievement to get out of my pyjamas due to the endless cycle of feeding, expressing milk, washing and sterilising bottles, changing dirty nappies and doing laundry. Jocelyn is waking up twice in the night to feed, which is not too bad, but it takes her a full hour to get through a feed and burp and settle so it still disrupts our sleep.

Grandparents 006

However, she is a really good baby and rarely fusses at all. She smiles quite often and has begun to really look at us and spend more time awake. She can now fix and follow moving objects with her eyes. Jocelyn seems to like cuddles, and of course we like giving them out!

Jocelyn 009

I must admit that I've been a bit down as I have had loads of problems with breast feeding. I breastfed Lauren for a year and thought that it would be straight forward with the new baby but have encountered all sorts of problems. I think Jocelyn is finally latching on properly, but I am still expressing breast milk to allow everything to heal properly. Just shows you that you can never take anything for granted. However, none of this has affected the little girl; we had her weighed this week and her weight has gone up to 9lbs 2oz (4.1kgs)! Clearly she is getting plenty of food.

Thankfully, the Caesarean section scar is no longer hurting, so that is one less problem to deal with.

We've had a lot of help from both sets of grandparents in this first month, which has been fantastic. My mum and dad were staying with us in the first two weeks after Jocelyn was born and Jase's parents were here the week following.

I think they really enjoyed getting to know their new grandchild and Lauren and Jocey definitely loved all hugs and attention.

We took some great photos of the grandparents with Jocelyn. Here's my mum and dad with Jocey and Lauren.

Grandparents 006

Lauren had some lovely smiles for the camera.

Grandparents 007

Jase's parents with Jocey.

Grandparents 003

Jocelyn enjoying cuddles with the grandparents.

Grandparents 001

From next week, Lauren will only be going to nursery three days a week instead of her current four. I'm hoping she won't get too bored at home and that I can keep her entertained!

I'm really lucky to have Jase at home to help me out at the moment, although both of us were gutted at the news that the job he's been chasing for the last 8 weeks did not come to anything. Jase is looking again for jobs now and I'm hoping that something comes up soon for him. It's been a really hard year, and financially things have been pretty grim. We're looking for the light at the end of the tunnel!

Friday, September 14, 2007

One week old!

Baby Jocelyn is one week old!

It has been lovely being at home. I was discharged from hospital last weekend, 48 hours after my Caesarean section. What a relief! Hospital was noisy with the crying of other babies and poor Jocelyn was quite unsettled. I only managed to get 2-3 hours of sleep in total each night and was exhausted, as Jocelyn was very hungry and wanted feeding all the time. This would have been fine if I had been able to sleep during the day, but I found that with the hospital's routine (the staff in the ward have to do their regular checks on you) that this was impossible too.

Since getting home, Jocelyn and I have been getting into a routine. She is only getting up 2-3 times in the night to feed, so things are not too bad. She is feeding well, sleeping well and putting on weight. Breastfeeding is doing her good, even though I am sore. I am trying not to do too much at home (difficult with Lauren around!) because I am still recovering from my operation and do not want to weaken the scar.

Jocelyn is a lovely baby to look after. She has dazzled us with her smiles and loves to snuggle into your neck when you hold her. We are totally smitten and love her loads!

This is Jocelyn with Daddy.

Jocelyn 001

Lauren has really loved having Jocelyn around and asks for her every morning when she gets up and each afternoon when she gets home from nursery. She absolutely adores her! This is Lauren holding Jocelyn.

Jocelyn and Lauren 001

Lauren playing in Jocelyn's Moses basket (to be fair, this used to hers!).

Jocelyn and Lauren 002

Baby Jocelyn sleeping.

Jocelyn 007

Baby Jocelyn smiling at Mama.

Jocelyn 023

Another close-up of Jocelyn.

Jocelyn 036

We are so lucky to have these two lovely little girls!!