Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Christmas Favourites

Apologies for the lack of posts recently but we have been very busy since the New Year. Jase has been looking every day for a new job, but stuff is thin on the ground at the moment. We're not at the stage where we are too worried yet, but obviously we are hoping that something good comes along soon.

I've been busy both at work and at home as well. I've been taking on a lot more responsibility at work in the run up to applying for the new job; I have to step up to my new role. It means a bit of a change of gear for me; previously I was used to being very clinical (i.e. seeing patients) and now I am expected to do a lot more managerial stuff. It's a challenge of a different kind.

At home, I have had the sudden urge to spring clean in a large scale way; we've reordered Lauren's bedroom and our bedroom and tried to do all the odd jobs that we've been slacking on for a while. We are now about 90% of the way there now - only a few things left to do. Lauren certainly seems really pleased with the new look of her bedroom; every time she wakes up she points excitedly around the room.

I've finally managed to get time to upload all our photos from Christmas and New Year to our photo albums on Flickr and Photobox. Here are a selection of my favourites.

Lauren with my mum and dad:

Lauren with Peter (my favourite one of Lauren with Suzanne is in the Duck Hunter series):

Lauren in her party dress and playing Peek-a-boo from behind the armchair:

Lauren playing with Mama and exploring her new toys:

And finally, Lauren demonstrating her new trick of sticking teaspoons to her nose (after being fascinated by daddy doing this trick!):

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GF said...

Jason - don't teach your daughter any more bad habits!! :)