Tuesday, January 23, 2007

A Lot of Eating

Over the last few weeks, we have managed to eat out a couple of times at our favourite child friendly haunts - the Pacific Bar & Grill and Balans in Chiswick. It was good to get out and about after the festive period and have opportunity to cheer ourselves up and forget about the long winter nights.

Lauren looking around the Pacific Bar and Grill. We were eating lunch out at the beginning of January.

Lauren had a good time, even if she does get bored easily these days. She loved looking out of the window to see the traffic and people going by.

Lauren plays with Daddy; happy smiles all round!

Mama and Lauren enjoying breakfast in Balans last week.

Also, over the weekend we had my mum and dad down in London to celebrate Dad and brother Jase's birthday. We had a big feast of fish, roast duck, tofu and Chinese choi.

It wasn't long before we all tucked in and the food was all gone! Lauren was sad to see the grandparents go; she really had fun whilst they were here for the weekend.

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