Monday, January 29, 2007

Swings and Slides

Yesterday we ventured out to the park again. We were a bit better prepared this time, after our recent experience here. We all wrapped up warm with scarves, gloves and warm clothes but in any case, it turned out to be a warmer day.

Lauren hasn't been on the swings and slides since the autumn, as the weather has not been as good this winter. We've had a lot of rain in recent months, so the recent run of sunny days has been welcome.

When we got to the park, we headed almost immediately for the swings in the smaller kiddies' playground. Much to our surprise though, Lauren did not enjoy them. She used to love the swings (see this post) but yesterday looked nervous on them. We decided to let her try the climbing frame, slide and bouncy rides instead.

Lauren went onto the climbing frame first and loved walking around on the walkways, although the climbing parts were probably a bit beyond her at the moment. She really enjoyed it, especially when other children at the park climbed up onto the frame as well. As always, she was fascinated by the other children and was watching what they were doing.

We then took her onto the slide part of the frame. As you can see from the photos, there was much giggling and excited squealing from the little girl. She wanted to hog the slide all day! Every time she got to the bottom, she would start backing up the slide to let us know she wanted to have another go.

Finally, Lauren went on these bouncy rides (don't know what else to call them; they're almost like rocking horse animals but on springs instead of rockers). She didn't like these when she was younger but seemed to really enjoy them yesterday. She would climb on one, bounce around for a bit then climb on a different to see what that one was like.

The day was finished off by a walk round to where the duck pond was and feeding the ducks and geese. Judging by their general apathy, I would guess that we and several hundred other people had done the same thing, so they weren't particularly hungry. Lauren was impressed, nevertheless and said "duh, duh" repeatedly (her pronounciation of "duck", just as books are "boo").

We all had a fun time! After a while, we got hungry so we came home.

Lauren also had fun later in the evening playing dressing up whilst Mama was doing the washing up. Daddy took some photos of the little girl. Lauren is the source of endless entertainment to us!

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