Wednesday, February 21, 2007

New Format

As you can see, the New Year has brought with it a new look for the blog. Both Jase and I have revamped our Blogger templates to (hopefully) make the blogs easier to read. I was indexing my blog until late last night; as you can see, it is now fully searchable by category, as well as by the standard search box.

Hope all you like the changes; any feedback is welcome!


GF said...

I really like the new format, but I can't take the 'pile of boxes' that is the bookmark this post links at the bottom of each entry.

I don't know what it is about them. too graphic? too colourful? too linkable? Not sure, but nonetheless the are distracting from the overall look of the pages.....

...well you did ask for feedback *cough*

Rena said...


I had to laugh because I know that you like (in your heart of hearts) to make people work to get linked (remember the RSS feed business from before?!). I know they are bright and horribly linkable but I do have some very lazy pals who can't be bothered!!!


Rena xx