Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Trip to Edinburgh

We got back last night from Edinburgh. We spent a long weekend up there with mum and dad, and had a nice relaxing time.

The grandparents were thrilled to see Lauren as always and the little girl had a great time. She loved exploring the house (she doesn't remember it as she was only 4 months old when she was last in Edinburgh) and had loads of fun playing with Grandma and Grandpa.

Here you can see some photos of us having lunch at Ocean Terminal in Edinburgh. It was the first time we had been there; we didn't go when we stayed in Edinburgh last. It first opened after we moved away from Edinburgh.

Lauren especially enjoyed looking out at the ships and the seagulls; we had fun despite the grey day and the rain.

Mum and I also had the opportunity to talk about the family and Aunt Barbara's funeral. It was good to talk about it; it is still such a shock to the family.

I've decided though not to travel by the last plane out next time though. We did not leave Heathrow until 8:50pm, and Lauren was totally exhausted as she had been at nursery all day. She only managed a short cat-nap in the car on the way to the airport. She was really mardy for the first 15 minutes of the flight (I did feel awfully sorry for the people sat in the row in front) but there was nothing we could do because she was so tired. Fortunately, after all the crying, she did eventually fall asleep for the remainder of the flight.

Coming back to London, we travelled in the early evening and Lauren had had a good nap in the afternoon beforehand. It was much more pleasant, and Lauren was pretty calm and made little fuss (apart from a minor objection to being strapped in for take-off and landing).

Today, we went to Balans for breakfast (this has become a weekly ritual, usually every Monday) and Lauren had fun eating toast and drinking apple juice. She wasn't keen to eat anything else whilst we were out, but ate a big lunch when we came home.

She was all smiles and loved walking around the restaurant beaming at everyone else having breakfast there! The staff loved her and are beginning to recognise us as regular customers. We got a table by the window today, which Lauren really likes because she loves to look out at all the people and cars going by.

I'm back to work tomorrow, but looking forward to my 3 week holiday (in two weeks' time). I feel quite run down and will be glad of the break!

I've also managed to update both photo sites with all our recent photos; hope you have opportunity to look at them.

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