Saturday, March 31, 2007

So Quiet

I know that activity on our blogs have been low of late. I guess the biggest reason is that we've really been pretty stressed about stuff and so it's been quite difficult to get chatty about our lives.

I suppose we've also been away from home a fair bit seeing family, so we've not really had time to keep up with regular posting. We've just got back from a week away in Edinburgh, which was a lot of fun and quite relaxing. I will write a separate post on our adventures in Edinburgh once I've uploaded my photos.

A fair amount has happened between the last post and today. Jase has had much more luck on the job front and has had calls from several agents wanting to put him forward for jobs. We haven't heard back from any of them yet, but at least things are looking more hopeful.

I've been having quite a miserable time with the symptoms of early pregnancy. I'm at 16 weeks today, but have had a lot of nausea (which fortunately hasn't been too bad the last few days) and have had a few nasty days of vomiting and retching. On Mothering Sunday (of all days) I was retching so violently that I burst most of the blood vessels on my face and came up in what looked like a bad rash (from the tiny spots of blood under the skin). Not pleasant at all. The nausea and the constant tiredness has made me reluctant to sit at the computer for any length of time. I'm hoping things will start to get better over the next few weeks.

Other than that, things seem to be going better this pregnancy than the last; at least the bump is a reassuring size unlike last time. I had a visit to the hospital last week for the results of some blood tests and everything is going fine. They are still unsure why Lauren was born premature and small for her dates, as all the tests came back normal from my last pregnancy. However, I suspect that it has a lot to do with my job at the the time (I was working full time and working shifts, some of which did not end until 2am for the first 6 months of my pregnancy) and standing for long hours - often difficult to avoid as a medic.

Lauren saw the Gastroenterology Consultant at Chelsea and Westminster last week. He asked a lot of quite unusual questions which no-one else had asked us before (clearly because he is an expert in his field). He said that all her problems with not eating from an early age have been down to gastroesophageal reflux, which most babies grow out of by 1 year. Unfortuantely, Lauren still seems to have symptoms, although now much less severely than in the last few months (she was vomiting most nights of the week until February).

Luckily for us, Lauren hasn't been vomiting constantly for the last month has been putting on weight, although regaining the height might take longer. I was quite shocked to find out that although she was born on the 50th centile for height, she has dropped down to the 2nd centile (i.e. the height range of the bottom 2% of children of her age group) through her period of illness.

Although I am now happy that we have a reason for the vomiting (and clear instructions for what to do if it comes back with a vengence) I feel quite frustrated by the whole process of getting that final specialist's opinion. I have been told on multiple occasions "not to worry" by various people (including my GP - who did not listen to any of my concerns and instead dismissed them by saying that because Lauren looked active and alert that everything must be fine) despite pointing out that Lauren wasn't growing at all (evidenced now by her height falling relative to her peer group). I better understand the frustration of mothers who know that something is wrong with their child but feel that people are not listening to them. Not only did our family doctor not listen to my concerns, she did not once measure, weigh or even examine Lauren. I don't think she even saw her without her winter coat on (and of course, we all know how easily you can judge someone's weight with their coat on).

Thank goodness we were being looked after by a caring Paediatrician who felt that things were not going in the right direction and wanted a second opinion! I suppose had I not been a medical mummy, I might not even have had that. I know that there are some very good GPs out there, but sadly this has not been my recent experience.

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