Friday, March 09, 2007

Stressed out!!

Jase and I are really stressed at the moment.

Poor Jase still has not found a job yet, and is quite down about it. However, on a positive note he met up with an agent today who assured him that the job market had been unusually quiet in his job sector over the last few months, but that things would pick up soon.

He said that she was impressed with his CV (just suggested minor tweaks only) and that the right job should come along soon as the job market apparently picks up towards Easter.

You can imagine that this is an excellent piece of news for us, as money has been very tight on my tiny part-time salary. Our mortgage repayments are currently HUGE, so you can imagine our worries.

Also positive (but equally stressful) is the fact that I will be starting my new role as a consultant in 3 weeks' time. I will also be going back to work full-time and have on-call duties, which will obviously impact on Lauren as she will be going to nursery 4 days per week instead of three. I'm sure she'll be happy with this (as she loves nursery!).

It's stressful because not only do I have to face a huge increase in my level of responsibility but also because my ways of working have had to change (being a boss instead of one of many workers at the coal face). I've had to learn ways of dealing with managers and senior colleagues (which I didn't really have to do before). The other consultants in the department have been supporting me in the last few months to learn these new ways of working, and although I think I have come a long way and learned a lot, I know I still have a long way to go.

The dummy run is effectively over and things start for real at the beginning of April. Very scary, stressful and exciting at the same time! I am so glad to be going on holiday tomorrow to recharge my batteries before then.


GF said...

I'm sure you will do so well in your new role Serena, I know exactly what you mean re fears and worries about starting somewhere new - I've already got it for my new job, and that's not going to be until April. It's natural to start the worry / self-doubt / etc., just remember that you got to this position and level due to your knowledge and ability, and it suddenly doesn't just disappear because someone else also believes you can do it. A steep curve or 'reality', but not necessarily in knowledge.

As for Jase, yeah I feel for him to be honest, and I can see why it's a worry and bit of downer - just remind him that his mates are always around and if ever he wishes to let of steam / catch-up / or just generally gab then just pick up the phone - I'm always around for him.

GK said...

I agree, you will be fine. Have confidence in your own abilities!!

How long does that give you before you go on maternity leave???

Rena said...

Thanks for your messages!

Jase and I are doing our best to relax in the 3 weeks holiday I have before starting my new job. I think the last week has helped; being off work and being able to chat and spend time together has decreased the stress levels a bit.

I'm planning to work (if I can) until just before the birth in September, so at least until late August. However, babies (I've learnt) are unpredictable and seem to come along when they feel like it!

Hope you're both well!