Saturday, April 14, 2007

Easter weekend

We had my mum and dad with us over the Easter weekend. It was really sunny here in London so we had many days out at the park with Lauren. She had a wonderful time on the slides but is now scared to go on the swings (not sure why). Jase took some more video footage of Lauren but hasn't yet had time to edit it.

We also took mum and dad out to eat on a couple of occasions; we had a lovely lunch at Sam's Brasserie. It was fantastic; the fish was as fresh as ever and cooked to perfection. Prices were reasonable and the place was genuinely child-friendly (unlike our recent experiences at Pacific Bar and Grill) so we had a relaxed and happy time.

On the day they flew back home, we went to the London Hong Kong Restaurant near Heathrow. Despite some negative reviews on the net, we had been told by my cousin that it was actually quite good for dim sum. I must admit that we found it really good for dim sum which was tasty, delicate and not greasy at all. It was also very reasonably priced, so we'll definitely go again for dim sum. A good place to kill time and eat prior to flying from Heathrow!

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