Tuesday, May 01, 2007

A garden paradise

We are both aching a bit after a weekend at work in our little garden. The weather was glorious so we decided to head to the garden center, buy some plants and finish off the tidying started by Suzanne and Peter last week.

I've been really busy at work since starting as a Consultant and have found myself working 11- 12 hour days. I've been really tired mentally, so found this a bit of welcome relief. Besides, I thought that both Jase and Lauren would also benefit from the fresh air and sunshine.

So on Saturday afternoon, we headed home from the garden center with lots of lovely summer bedding plants and a small tree. We got out spades and trowels and got to work.

Garden 004

Garden 003

After a bit of weeding and rearranging of plants in the garden, we planted up some terracotta pots, put in three flowering climbers (clematis plants) and dug out the water feature we had inherited from the last owner. This we were particularly keen to do for Lauren's sake (so that we didn't need to worry about her playing in the back garden).

Garden 002

In its place, we planted a small acer.

Garden 001

We don't have a large garden (you can probably tell from the photos) but we were really proud of the results. I think it's all looking lovely and tidy. I'm really looking forward to enjoying it further when the plants we've put in start to flower.

We also managed to whitewash the walls in the front garden and remove the two ancient rose bushes which had been terrorising the front. They were woody and gnarled and covered in greenfly (not the most attractive specimens, and pretty high maintenance). We still have to paint the iron railings at the front and replant the beds, where I plan to put in some low maintenance Hebe and lavender plants.

We'll post pictures of this when we've finished, but I can proudly say that it looks transformed already. Amazing what a lick of white paint can do!

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Anonymous said...

I got a little acer too when I moved in here. He's two feet tall now!