Sunday, April 01, 2007

Trip to Edinburgh

A bit belatedly, here are a few photos of our time in Edinburgh last week.

We had a good week with the grandparents and luckily had one or two days when the weather was actually very nice. You've probably seen from the photos and video at Gullane beach that that particular day was sunny and bright.

It was windy on beach (which is quite normal for there!) but it was really nice to get wrapped up and run about with Lauren. Our family went there every summer whilst we were growing up in Edinburgh, so it was good to revisit old haunts.

We had a very good lunch at the Old Clubhouse in Gullane, a really lovely pub overlooking the children's green. Lauren shared my fish, chips and peas and enjoyed interacting with the patrons (mainly elderly couples as we went midweek). One couple had a gorgeous labrador, who got lots of attention from Lauren.

The good weather also allowed Lauren plenty of opportunity to play in the grandparents' garden. She especially enjoyed playing ball and chasing games with Grandad!

On our last full day in Edinburgh, we went to Edinburgh Zoo to look at the animals with Lauren. Unfortunately, it was rather cold and damp. Many of the animals quite sensibly decided to stay indoors!

However, we still managed to have a really good day and Lauren especially liked the zebras, the big cats and the penguins. She also had a good run around and by mid-afternoon was completely exhausted. She fell asleep on Daddy's shoulder and at that point we headed back to the grandparents' house.

The grandparents obviously loved having Lauren around for the week, and we also had a great time. It was a relaxing break for us and Lauren had loads of fun.

The photos from the trip can be seen on my Flickr album here.

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