Thursday, May 10, 2007

21 Week Scans of Ayers Baby Number 2

Yesterday was Serena's second scan. Everything seems to be OK - 5 fingers on each hand - 2 arms, 2 legs, normal size etc.

Here are two of the piccies - the bump above the baby's head is one of their arms and the one in front of their face is actually a leg! A bit of a contortionist!

Scan1 20070509

Scan2 20070509

Clicking them will open Flickr, where you can then click "All Sizes" to view them at a larger scale.


GF said...

I struggled to 'see' the first picture (as I always seem to do), but the second one is SO clear....

I guess it's a bit like those 'magic eye' pictures where I've never ever seen a schooner.

Anyway, looks amazing! Bet you're feeling proud, excited and nervous all at once. Still I'm really happy for you.

Rena said...

We are all really excited!

I've just reached 22 weeks today so there's still a bit to go, but even Lauren knows that there's a "baby" in the tummy.

Can't wait to see the little one...but hopefully not before the time like last time!