Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Gardening in the Rain

What a crap holiday Weekend! In London it barely scraped 10°C and it pretty much pissed it down for 3 days solid.

Since we have the family event of the year coming up next weekend, we had to finish off the last few bits of gardening, so B&Q was raided yesterday and the front garden was finished off with six lavender plants and ten bags of gravel (which seriously tested our Mazda's suspension).

The three of us were a bit cold by the time we had finished but a nice warm bath sorted us out back to room temperature (which was fortunately a bit higher than outside)!

At least there was enough fine weather in Leeds for England to win a cricket match - I thought that the Windies were going to escape again!

Photo Added:
Visible is 6 new Lavenders, 10 bags worth of new gravel and a freshly painted wall and railings!

Front Garden


GF said...

Picture of the garden?

Jase said...

It was raining too hard to take a photo... I'll do one soon.

Jase said...


GF said...

Can you come do my garden please?

James said...

Ah, gravel.

Gardening made easy. Sally and I dumped six bags worth over a flower bed the other week. Now it's battle of the shrubs. Her two vs. my two. :)

Jase said...

Pay someone to do it!
£30 once a fortnight.... if that!
It's worth it!

GF said...

Thing is my garden has no grass or anything, it's all just rockery and slabs (and stones).

What I need is someone to design it and lay it out. After that it needs very little 'attention'.

Jase said...

Why not do away with it and build a home cinema in a low rise shed?