Thursday, May 17, 2007

Relaxing afternoon

Yesterday, on my day off from the manic stuff at work, Lauren and I went for a drive in the afternoon to Hampton.

The sun came out and although we did not get as far as Kingston to see Daddy (besides, I knew he would be busy) we had a great time on the Green at Twickenham watching some school boys preparing for a cricket match. Their mums were all sat at the clubhouse enjoying tea and cakes.

Lauren took Bob for company and we had a lovely stroll on the grass. She enjoyed watching the bigger kids playing and looked like she wanted to join in, but was too shy in the end (and they were a lot bigger!).

Sadly, she was a bit grumpy by the end and wouldn't let me take a picture of her, so we just came home for hugs and some dinner.


GF said...

I was in London today too, but didn't get any time to play in the park! :(

Kim said...

We have a Hampton here too! Thanks also for the lovely email the other day, Serena.

Jase said...

When I am grumpy you insist on taking a photo of me too! I know how Lauren feels!

GF said...

Ha-ha!! But you should know better Jase... ;)