Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Catching Up

This post is to bring you all up to date with what we've been up to following our holiday.

Last week, I had another scan of the baby to make sure that the baby is growing properly. I was relieved to find that this pregnancy is going really well. The baby is growing and it looks like they will be bigger than Lauren. I'm now almost at 30 weeks, and feeling huge already (as you can see from the photos in Barcelona). My next scan is at the end of July.

At the weekend, we spent the day with my Aunt Pei (the eldest of Mum's sisters) who is over in London at the moment to watch Wimbledon. She's travelling with her friend Anita, and we had the two of them for dinner. It was really fantastic to see her as we have not seen her for 10 years! She also enjoyed meeting Lauren and was really pleased to be the first of my aunts and uncles to get to see her in the flesh.

Aunt Pei with Jase and me.

Home 003

Anita, Aunt Pei and me.

Home 004

I cooked them a turbot, some roast pork and some spinach. They told me it was a welcome change from sandwiches the whole week! We all had a wonderful time and I was sad when they finally had to go.

Today we went to Ravenscourt Park in the afternoon to feed the ducks and for Lauren to play on the slide and climbing frame.

However, I should have known that the sunshine would not last. This has been the wettest summer I remember since living in London. Only the summer before we went to Australia (the summer of 2001) was wetter, but obviously we were still In Scotland then!

We arrived to find this ominous looking cloud hanging over the park.

Home 008

Undeterred, Lauren and I went to feed the ducks, swans and pigeons. They were certainly glad to see us!

Home 009

We had just finished that when we could hear thunder, and it was heading our way. The sky darkened dramatically and Lauren and I walked very quickly back to the car. Just as we shut the door of the car, the heavens opened. We were really thankful to be inside the car, as the downpour was torrential and within minutes, the road was starting to flood.

Home 010

This is our rain soaked back garden. Both plants and weeds alike have been enjoying the extra water!

Home 006

Initially, we were planning to get the outside of our house painted this summer but with no recent dry weather it has been an impossible task. It will just have to wait...

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