Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Ducks again

Lauren and I braved Ravenscourt Park again today. Mindful of the recent thunderstorms and our experience last week, we did take coats and parked the car close to the gate of the park.

I had brought some crusts of bread to feed the ducks. Lauren loved it, although got slightly nervous when one of the big Canada geese got a bit too close for comfort!

Here's a short video of Lauren feeding the ducks and pigeons.

Afterwards, Lauren and I went to the toddlers' playground where she ran about and played on the climbing frame, see-saw and slide. I still can't get her to go on the swings; she is terrified of them and I still don't know why!

Later on, we both got hungry and went for some lunch in Chiswick. Lauren and I shared some lovely fish and chips.

Lunch 001

However, we didn't stay too long as she was in a mischievous mood and was treatening to destroy the joint. Don't be fooled by the innocent look on her face!

Lunch 003

After a short stroll, we went home as Lauren was tired. We ended the afternoon watching her favourite programme, In The Night Garden.

Her sleeping problems seem to be a bit better since the weekend, which is a blessing as I am on call all this week and very tired as the pregnancy progresses. I am hoping for a relatively peaceful night...


Jase said...

Corrected Spelling and added the video...

GF said...

Did you correct 'threatening'? :)

No seriously, love the video it reminds me of when I was little and I used to go to the local park with my Gran to feed the ducks. In true G style though I slipped and fell in the pond almost every time I went!!