Thursday, July 26, 2007

OK, now this IS scary...

Jase and I went to Queen Charlotte's today for me to have my 32 week scan. I'm actually almost at 33 weeks, but due to the way the clinics work this was when my scan was due.

The report from the scan was extremely good; the baby is actually "well above average" as the ultrasound lady put it. The baby seems to be growing along the 75th centile (i.e. is in the top 25% of the baby population in terms of height and predicted weight). This is a pleasant surprise when you consider that Baby 2 is already at a predicted 2.14kg at almost 33 weeks, when my little Lauren was 1.9kg at 34 weeks.

We were just a little curious to find out what that would mean in terms of final predicted birth weight if Baby 2 goes to full term. This evening, I got out Lauren's health records which contain predicted growth centile charts in them.

When you follow the 75th centile line to full term, you get a predicted weight of Baby 2 coming in at an eye-watering 8lbs 2oz (3.7kg in new money). OK, for those out there who've delivered 12lb babies I know it does not sound like much, but it's almost twice Lauren's weight at her birth.

I am obviously really pleased on one hand but can't help being just a teensy bit apprehensive on the other hand...! All depends on my final scan at 36 weeks, when we will see if Baby 2 is still breach (which is the current position).

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