Wednesday, August 01, 2007


Poor Lauren has developed a bad cold. She has been sneezing, has had a runny nose and has been running a fever on and off for the last few days. Poor Lauren!

It has meant some disturbed nights for poor Mummy and Daddy as well but fortunately she seems a little bit better today. She still hasn't got her appetite back but at least she has had little in the way of fever over the course of today.

Meanwhile, I have been really busy at work so am exhausted, especially since I've been coming home and working on a huge 180 page document for work until the small hours as well. I'm at 34 weeks this week; that's when Lauren was born in my first pregnancy. Scary thought.

We have 23 new staff to settle in tomorrow - that should be fun as well!

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GF said...

Heya, is all OK?

Both you and Jase have been extremely quiet and I'm kinda worried about you both, the pregnancy, etc....

Say Hello please...