Friday, August 31, 2007

Credit card scariness

Early this morning, Jase got a call from one of our credit card companies telling us that last night someone tried to use my credit card to buy £1200 worth of computer equipment.

Unfortunately, it wasn't us!

Fortunately, they blocked the transaction until they could verify it with us. I am pretty upset as it means that somewhere along the way, someone has "skimmed" my card details. Now I am always really careful about cash machines (and very rarely use that card in a cash machine anyway) so it must have been at a restaurant or petrol station.

I suspect it was when we were abroad in Barcelona because I don't think I've used that card at all since we got back from our holiday in June.

I suppose I'm lucky because it's the first time it's actually happened to me and because my credit card company were on the ball and didn't let the transaction go through. I will be keeping an even closer eye on my credit card transactions in the future though!

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shannon said...

what's even more helpful for stopping credit card fraud is to sign up for online banking for your credit cards and your debit cards. then make a practice of once a day or once every other day while you're at the computer to log in and take a quick peek and make sure tehre are no unauthorized credit card transactions. it's a good way to stop fraud really quickly!