Saturday, August 25, 2007

Feet up

I had my last day at work yesterday and am glad that I can have a rest before the baby comes. I'm at 37 weeks now and am really surprised that I managed to stay at work as long as I did because things were getting really difficult and uncomfortable. However, I will miss work and all the people I work with as they are a really good crowd.

The weather is lovely today but we are enjoying the shade and long drinks at the moment as it's getting a little too hot for my liking in full sun (with my internal central heating at the moment). Lauren is having her afternoon nap at the moment but later we plan to go to the park for a short while to feed the ducks and let her run around.

As the baby is big and is lying sideways across me instead of going down into the pelvis, I am getting really out of breath walking any distance so I think I will probably need to take things a lot easier. Time for plenty of sleep and getting my feet up!

Thank goodness I only have 12 days to go before they deliver the baby!

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