Friday, August 17, 2007

Lauren is two!

We have had a wonderful weekend celebrating the little girl's second birthday. I can't believe she's two - the time has flown and it seems like only yesterday that I first held her in my arms at the hospital.

How tiny she was then...

Lauren and Mama

Look at her now!

Birthday 005

We were blessed with gorgeous weather at the weekend, and although it was hot in the sun, our back garden is shaded because it is north facing. So we had the back doors from the kitchen wide open and sat out most of the day. It was the perfect weather for a barbeque!

Jase relaxing in between barbeque duties.

Birthday 001

Suzanne, Peter and my Dad enjoying the sun and some drinks!

Birthday 004

My Mum and Lauren relaxing in the sun.

Birthday 003

Lauren with my Dad.

Birthday 006

She had loads to eat, and especially liked the barbequed sausages, Mama's home-made potato salad and the pork chops (which were cooked to perfection by Daddy).

Birthday 011

Later on in the evening, she decided to rustle up some sausages herself on the new toy cooker given to her as a birthday present by Uncle Jason and Auntie Charlotte.

Birthday 016

Mama thought Lauren's food was also delicious!

Birthday 028

Later on, we all tucked into birthday cake. I think Lauren really did have a wonderful time, surrounded by her family.

Birthday 036

Birthday 031

Birthday 035

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