Friday, August 17, 2007

Lauren's birthday party at nursery

Lauren also had a birthday party at nursery today. I baked a sponge cake for her and her little friends and at tea time, they all tucked into the birthday cake.

We went down to the nursery to celebrate with Lauren. Mama enjoyed sitting with her little girl!

Birthday 042

All the little children were very excited at the sight of the cake; there was a lot of pointing and lots of shouts of "Cake, cake!".

Birthday 039

They clearly know what they like! Lauren tucked into her cake with gusto.

Birthday 052

Mama and Daddy were allowed some of Lauren's cake as well.

Birthday 048

Afterwards, Lauren showed Mama the card that her friends at nursery had made her.

Birthday 053

Another exciting day for the little girl; she and her friends had a great time and we enjoyed seeing them all so happy.

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holly said...

Hello everyone. Its Holly from the nursery.I hope you are all well. Thank you again for the lovely card, what a great idea!I love having a pic of the children.This blog is great, i love the pictures of Lauren, especially the ones of her "cooking"..very funny. Speak soon.