Monday, August 13, 2007

Really tired...

I know we've been quiet but life (for me anyway) has been a bit mad over the last two weeks. I've had to go in on days off and worked some pretty long hours because work has been a bit hectic and because we've been settling in new staff. I even survived my last week on call before going off on maternity leave.

I've finally finished that monster manual for work which has ended up 170 pages and 41,000 words long. Not bad, eh? Almost as good as JK Rowling's early works!!!

I must admit that I am very tired. I'm still working full time and am not really sure how much longer I can keep going at work, especially now I am in my 36th week.

We have had a good weekend though, with a lovely day on Saturday celebrating the little girl's 2nd birthday. How quickly the time has gone by! I can't believe she's two!! She had a wonderful time surrounded by her family, and really enjoyed the barbeque we had. More about that soon when I muster up the energy!

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