Friday, August 17, 2007

We love the ducks!

Lauren and I have had a few opportunities to go to the park as it has been better weather over the last two weeks. We have had almost no summer due to the torrential rain and flooding so the recent sunshine has been a welcome respite. The forecast is very poor for this weekend, so I am glad we made the most of it whilst we could.

Lauren loves going to Ravenscourt Park to feed the ducks and geese. Here are a few pictures of one of our recent visits to the park.

Ravenscourt Park 004

It's almost a ritual now that we go to the park, feed the ducks first and then move on to the playground area to play on the climbing frame and slides.

Ravenscourt Park 011

Ravenscourt Park 005

As you can see from the photos, she especially loves the slide.

Ravenscourt Park 007

Here's a picture of Lauren and Mama, and Mama's huge bump at 35 weeks.

Ravenscourt Park 013

I'm not sure why it is, but I cannot get her to go on the swings! She loved them as a baby but now wails if I put her in the swing and demands to be lifted off. Maybe it's just a phase she's going through.

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