Friday, September 14, 2007

One week old!

Baby Jocelyn is one week old!

It has been lovely being at home. I was discharged from hospital last weekend, 48 hours after my Caesarean section. What a relief! Hospital was noisy with the crying of other babies and poor Jocelyn was quite unsettled. I only managed to get 2-3 hours of sleep in total each night and was exhausted, as Jocelyn was very hungry and wanted feeding all the time. This would have been fine if I had been able to sleep during the day, but I found that with the hospital's routine (the staff in the ward have to do their regular checks on you) that this was impossible too.

Since getting home, Jocelyn and I have been getting into a routine. She is only getting up 2-3 times in the night to feed, so things are not too bad. She is feeding well, sleeping well and putting on weight. Breastfeeding is doing her good, even though I am sore. I am trying not to do too much at home (difficult with Lauren around!) because I am still recovering from my operation and do not want to weaken the scar.

Jocelyn is a lovely baby to look after. She has dazzled us with her smiles and loves to snuggle into your neck when you hold her. We are totally smitten and love her loads!

This is Jocelyn with Daddy.

Jocelyn 001

Lauren has really loved having Jocelyn around and asks for her every morning when she gets up and each afternoon when she gets home from nursery. She absolutely adores her! This is Lauren holding Jocelyn.

Jocelyn and Lauren 001

Lauren playing in Jocelyn's Moses basket (to be fair, this used to hers!).

Jocelyn and Lauren 002

Baby Jocelyn sleeping.

Jocelyn 007

Baby Jocelyn smiling at Mama.

Jocelyn 023

Another close-up of Jocelyn.

Jocelyn 036

We are so lucky to have these two lovely little girls!!

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Lisa said...

Just catching up after my holiday - wanted to say a huge CONGRATULATIONS to you all on the birth of your beautiful new baby. Lovely name, too.