Saturday, October 13, 2007

Mouth ouch and other tales

Poor Lauren is teething again and this time her big molars are emerging. Because of this she has been a bit precious at night and hasn't really wanted to eat much. We've tried to cheer her up by keeping her entertained and taking her to the park to see the ducks and play on the climbing frames.

As usual, she made a bee-line for the bouncy elephant.

Park 002

She also wanted to go on the low climbing frame with Mummy.

Park 007

Smiles for Daddy and Jocelyn.

Park 009

Jocelyn enjoys a snooze in the park.

Park 004

We've had a pretty good week otherwise; the girls are settling into a routine with each other and Lauren clearly adores Jocey as much as we do. Jocey and I are getting to grips with breastfeeding again and have been doing well, so I'm not having to express breast milk for her any more (which saves me a huge amount of time as no more sterilising bottles!). She's still needing to feed quite a lot at night so I am still pretty tired, but at least I do get to lie in in the morning.

We've been introducing Lauren to the potty, as she has begun to show interest in the toilet and an understanding of needing to go. We got her a potty and have encouraged her to sit on it in a playful way. We've also tried to explain to her that the potty is where the wee and the poo-poo "live". Initially she would sit on it but end up doing a wee on the floor!

However, this morning she rewarded us by successfully doing a wee in the potty. We were both really pleased with her.

Lauren is also developing a huge vocabulary. Earlier this week, she slipped a little going down stairs and did not want to go any further. When I picked her up to take her downstairs, she said "Mummy, Lauren scared"! I'd never heard her use the word before, never mind using it in the correct context! Later on she told Daddy she was scared of the dark.

We've bought some night lights for her room and some for the upstairs hall landing. We are hoping that this will help; maybe this is why recently she has been so reluctant to go to sleep at night but was fine going for naps during the day. My poor little girl!

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