Saturday, November 03, 2007

Ghosts and Ghouls

On Halloween, we were inundated by Trick-or-Treaters. As Jase observed, times have changed since we were kids.

I had forgotten that we would have to supply treats so had to rustle up a few things from my store cupboards. This did mean that all the local kids who knocked on our doors got healthy snacks, as we don't have sweets or junk food in the house.

Although one little girl was clearly disappointed not to get a fistful of sweets, I think the others weren't too disappointed with their organic biscuits (sweetened with apple juice only), raisins, apples and low-GI muffins. Certainly, the accompanying parents seemed pleased!

Lauren took it all very seriously. They had had a Halloween party at nursery and I think she took it a bit too much to heart. Here she is looking a little worried.

Home 001

It turns out she was worried that the monsters would get in the house!

Of course, she got lots of hugs from Mama. My poor little girl!

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