Saturday, November 03, 2007

Health drive

As life has been more settled with Jocelyn and we've got to grips with things, we've decided to try to get fit and improve our health. At a recent health check, Jase was again warned that he was overweight, and I am also eager to get trim after the birth. However, both of us are strongly against all forms of crash and yo-yo dieting.

We decided on two things. Firstly, changing the fundamentals of how we eat and trying a low-GI diet, and secondly doing more exercise.

We picked a low-GI diet because (to be fair) it's really about a healthier way of eating rather than a diet. I was surprised after reading the book that my initial thoughts on what was low-GI were slightly inaccurate. Obvious things like potatoes, rice and white bread are no good because they burn up quickly (so no jacket potatoes, unlike all too many people trying other diets), but also brown bread, pasta, parsnips, swedes and broad beans are also in this category. However, chocolate and sweet potatoes are low-GI!

We now eat many more vegetables, pulses and beans. This has also coincided with my recent passion for Indian food, after being inspired by our trip to Benares on Jase's birthday. This cannot be a bad thing. Already, Jase has lost half a stone.

We've also joined a local health club. We've been members of gyms before and it never lasted because we rapidly became demotivated (as many people do). However, we picked this club because it has excellent facilities for children, including a creche. We looked around the creche and it was excellent with lovely staff and fantastic facilities. They also run activities and clubs for older kids during their holidays. I can put Jocelyn in the creche once she reaches 12 weeks so that I can go to sessions in the gym or attend classes.

For Lauren, they have swimming and football sessions for now (which we are keen to try with her on days when she isn't at nursery). When she's older, she can try ballet, tennis and karate amongst other things. There were also wonderful play areas in the grounds for her.

Despite the expense (and yes, it was expensive) we are really pleased to have done this in order to get fit. I went to my first mother and baby yoga class today, which was great fun and allowed me to meet other mums. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed it and will definitely be going again (as well as trying some of their other classes).

Yes, going to the gym is boring but going to the classes (which I hadn't done before)is much more fun. We also each get a personal trainer included with our membership fee as well; this is definitely a bonus.

I also can't wait to try to heated outdoor pool.

The club has many social events as well; on Monday, we are going to the Fireworks night with the girls. They've promised us that it'll be spectacular and we can't wait.

Let's hope we remain this motivated a few months down the line!


GF said...

Congratulations on this, I am impressed.

I want to do the Diet Doctor (ahem) Diet. I've got the book and am currently reading it. Not sure about the gym though as sure as I join it, I'll end up working away from home.

Need to come up with something though...

Rena said...

I know; it is difficult. I am hoping we can stay motivated! The problem is the change in diet doesn't work if you don't exercise as well :(

I reckon though that classes help you get motivated because you're there with other people instead of just exercising on your own (because then it's just easier to give up!)

Jase said...

17st 12lbs now... That is another 3 lbs down.
I took Lauren swimming today, so am knackered!