Saturday, November 10, 2007

Lauren and Bravia Bunny

Last weekend, the family went to the What Hi-Fi Show at the Hammersmith Novotel. Whilst Jase talks about the techy stuff, I thought I'd say a bit about what the girls and I did.

You've probably seen the adverts for the Sony TVs (the Bravia range) on television with the wonderful animated rabbits running through a city. If you haven't seen it, click on the box below.

One of the first stands we visited at the show was the Sony stand. Whilst Jase was drooling over the TVs, Lauren became besotted with the Bravia Bunny. Here, she sees one of the Bunnies for the first time.

What Hi-Fi Show 006

I think she wanted to take them home...

What Hi-Fi Show 009

Every time we walked away, she would drag us back to see the bunnies.

What Hi-Fi Show 012

Here, in this clip she gives the Bravia bunny a kiss! It was just so sweet!

As a day out, it was a huge success as the girls were both very well behaved and we all enjoyed it as a family. I was so glad that Lauren enojyed it as much as we did, especially as some of the exhibitors made a real effort to keep her entertained whilst we were looking around. At one stand (I think at the excellent Dali listening room) the demonstator from Dali even put on "Happy Feet" for Lauren (on their amazing home cinema system). What a nice man! Lauren was really happy and wanted to stay to watch the entire movie.

It's certainly building up our confidence at handling the two girls out and about.

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