Sunday, November 11, 2007

"Look me; I pretty!"

We're not the only ones to have enjoyed going to our new health club and using the facilities. Lauren really enjoys going as there is so much there for her to do. We've started taking her to swimming lessons but as well as sports facilities there are also children's playgrounds, a very large sand pit and a big bouncy castle / trampoline area. It's fab!

On the first day we went as a family, Lauren played on the climbing frame and slides.

The Park Club 011

She had a wonderful time, as this particular climbing frame has three slides and two turrets to explore.

The Park Club 002

There are even two telescopes on the climbing frame; Lauren was quick to check them out.

The Park Club 012

You can see how much fun she had!

Whilst we were at the club, we bumped into some of her little friends from nursery. After a leisurely lunch, they all played in the soft play area together.

They invented a little jumping game, which they thoroughly enjoyed.

Listen to all the giggling!

During this jumping game, Lauren was really quite chatty with her little friends. I was really tickled to hear her say to the little boy, "Look me, Tony; I pretty!"

I think this was because we'd put her in one of her new skirts and I had told her how pretty she looked in it. She was obviously really proud of her appearance that day.

My beautiful girl!

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