Saturday, November 03, 2007


Lauren has been at nursery one day less since I started my maternity leave, so is now at home 4 days a week. We did this because we wanted to save a bit of money and because we thought she would like to spend some time with us and getting to know her little sister.

This has meant that we've had to think up things to keep her entertained. At her age, she isn't able to sit doing anything for any length of time because her attention span is quite short.

We've been out to the park quite a lot; this stops us all from becoming couch potatoes and means that we all get fresh air.

Autumn has been in really glorious in London this year; we've had many mild days with sunshine. The trees have also put on a fantastic display of colour (apparently because of our wet summer).

Park 034

Here's one of Daddy and the girls in Ravenscourt Park. Lauren was taking a break to eat a biscuit after tearing around the playground.

Park 023

Mama also had her hands full with the girls!

Park 052

On a separate day, she had fun playing "monkey".

She also enjoyed kicking the leaves about with Mama.

Jocelyn has really grown. Last weekend, we estimated her weight at 10lb 4oz; however, our bathroom scales are not hugely accurate. I will get her weighed properly next week when she has her immunisations. She has also been much more alert and active; she often looks around, smiles and coos at us.

In the second clip, you can hear Lauren talking. She was desperate to have herself on camera!

So I took the next clip of Lauren. In this video, Lauren wanted to be the director for a change! She was desperate to see what I was filming.

Lauren has also learned to do a few magic tricks! Here is the little wizard in action. She's trying to put a cloth over my hand, blow on it and make something disappear (not sure what though, as she didn't put anything in my hand at the start!). She wasn't pleased when Daddy tried to interfere ("No! Leave it!"). We were trying very hard not to giggle.

There have also been many opportunities for cuddles with Jocelyn. Here are some pictures of the two girls together.

At Home 012

At Home 011

Here are some photos of Daddy and Jocelyn today.

Home 002

Home 011

I think she's getting more gorgeous every day!

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