Thursday, December 20, 2007

Art and Panto

Lauren and I had a wonderful day on Tuesday, her day off from nursery.

We headed up to the Park Club and we were there all day. She played on the climbing frame and slides with me for a bit (it was cold though, so we went back indoors after a while) until it was time for lunch.

At lunch time, we ate at the little restaurant on site. She loved her little fish fingers and polished them off. I was quietly amused that I seemed to be the only mum having a burger (a nice one made on the premises though, not a mass produced one). All the other mums there were picking at their salads. Looking around, I seemed to be the only one enjoying my food though...!

After lunch, we went down to the crèche where they were supervising small groups of children making Christmas decorations. Lauren loved it! She painted a little reindeer money box.

Home 014

Not conventional colouring for a reindeer, but definitely imaginative!

After the painting session, we went to their Christmas panto. It was a production of Sleeping Beauty, put on by a small company of six. It was great fun and full of terrible jokes (as a panto should be). Lauren seemed to enjoy it although was quite tired by the second half. I think she was a little bit scared of the evil witch as well! However, it was a really good end to a fun day and gave me further confidence to do things with the two girls on my days alone with the two of them.

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