Thursday, December 20, 2007

Friends to stay

At the weekend, Jason's friends Gareth and Gillian came to stay. They had been at a concert in Shepherd's Bush and dropped in to stay with us on the Saturday.

It's been a year since we saw them last. Way too long!

I was glad that I cooked them one of my big hearty meals because they told me that they had been eating pizza and burgers the previous night as the concert finished late and all hope of a proper meal had gone. My almond and honey roasted lamb with South Indian vegetables disappeared in a flash, along with a sticky chocolate pud!

Lauren was a bit shy at first but quickly warmed up to our house guests. She was on her very best behaviour but unfortunately was so excited that she didn't want to go to bed!

When we finally persuaded her to go to sleep, Jase and Gareth did their great Star Wars trivial pursuit challenge. It was actually a lot of fun, and red wine helped Gareth and Gillian to a good victory with the general trivia.

Here's a picture of Gareth, Gillian, Jocey, Lauren and me.

Home 013

We had a wonderful time! I wish we had house guests a bit more often. Going out is next to impossible these days with the two girls but our night in proved that eating in can be just as much fun!

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