Thursday, December 06, 2007

More hours in the day

I've noticed that since Jocelyn arrived, our lives have been so much busier. I am sure that this is not just the effect of having a hungry new baby in the house, but also that we need to spend more time with Lauren when she feels jealous of the new addition to the household.

I know I haven't written any updates since November 10th; this is largely because I find that the only time Jase and I have to ourselves is when both girls are asleep at night. We've discovered that as parents of two children under 3, we can only choose between quality time together or sleep.

You can't have both.

Unfortunately, some nights we are so tired that sleep is the only option! I need more hours in the day.

Anyway, on the plus side, we've had lots of fun with the girls including going swimming with them, going up to Edinburgh for Jocelyn's baptism and I continue to go to my Mummy and Baby yoga with Jocey.

There's been some good news on the job front as well with Jase starting his new job on Monday. We are so relieved!

To top it all, I have had a massive tidy in the house, recycled tons of waste paper and old magazines and now the house is almost ready for the Christmas festivities. Both families will be heading to London to join us; we can't wait as this will really be the first Christmas in our own house. I don't count the first Christmas we spent here after Lauren was born as we were forced to celebrate Christmas on a building site!

This weekend, we are really looking forward to going to see the arrival of Santa and the live Nativity scene at the Park Club. I can't wait to see what Lauren makes of it!

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