Saturday, December 15, 2007


We've had a really busy time lately trying to clear the house of junk and clutter before our guests arrive for the festive season. Jase has been to the tip and the local charity shops on several occasions with unwanted goods and general rubbish. We recycled a truck load of plastics and paper as well.

Unfortunately, with all this lugging about Jase seems to have hurt his shoulder. He's been in quite a lot of discomfort with it, and I'm convinced he's strained his rotator cuff muscles. His personal trainer showed him a few shoulder stretches to try to improve things and I've shown him some stuff I learned from our physios at work.

Jocelyn, our sunny princess was also out of sorts yesterday after her immunisations. She was absolutely fine at the time of the injections and for a couple of hours afterwards but then woke up from sleep in the middle of the afternoon crying.

It was really upsetting, because Jocey is a calm baby and very rarely cries. Yesterday she was screaming. She was obviously sore somewhere and upset by it but couldn't tell me.

She cried for a good 40 minutes before the calpol finally kicked in and enabled her to sleep. Fortunately, when she woke up in the evening she was absolutely fine and back to her normal cheerful self.

Now I'm a pretty calm mum but I must admit to being quite upset by it all yesterday. It was heartbreaking to see her so upset. I hate it when the girls are ill, upset or distressed.

Jocey is again her normal cheerful self today; we're off to Lauren's carol concert at her nursery soon. I'm utterly exhausted (I've not been able to get to bed before midnight any night for about 3 weeks because we've had so much to do and sometimes we have to do those things after Lauren has gone to bed) but I'm still looking forward to it!

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