Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Rained off and grumpy

Last weekend, we were looking forward to going to see Santa and the live Nativity scene at the Park Club.

Lauren had been quite excited; she knows that Santa is somehow important at the moment (although I don't think she knows exactly who he is or what he does yet). There is a giant Santa (a blow-up one) at the door of her nursery at the moment and she's always happy to see him.

Unfortunately, when the weekend finally came the weather was absolutely foul. It was raining sideways here in London but we nevertheless decided to brave the inclement weather and ventured out.

Also against us was the fact that Santa was not due to show until 5pm. I was a bit worried as Lauren is often flagging by the time 5pm comes around and when she's tired she starts to get naughty and grumpy. She often refuses to have an afternoon nap now, so afternoons can become a little fraught.

They don't call it "The Terrible Twos" for nothing!

At first, she seemed to be quite cheerful and Jase even managed to get some good pictures of her.

Christmas Part 1 003

When we got to the club, it was very busy with about 100 screaming children running around indoors in the cafe area. All the parents were also huddled indoors because of the rain. It was a bit mad.

We escaped outdoors to find the live Nativity scene.

Christmas Part 1 009

At first, Lauren did enjoy it although she was a little apprehensive as the sheep were massive close up! However, this quickly turned into an absolute refusal to stand or walk on her own and I had to carry her for the rest of the afternoon.

Christmas Part 1 014

At 4pm, we were all told that the cafe area was shutting and that we would have to wait outside for the arrival of Santa at 5pm. It was still pouring with rain and with nowhere to sit in either marquee set up in the grounds (the only shelter available) we decided to head home. Lauren was really tired and grumpy by this time, and even Jocelyn was looking unimpressed.

What a pity!

We're hoping that this weekend will see some better weather for the Christmas fair and ice skating, otherwise we'll go swimming instead.

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