Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Poor Lauren had a quiet weekend because she was full of the cold. This time, I don't think her immunisations had anything to do with it. She was incredibly brave and surprised me - she didn't even flinch or wince when the needle went in. In fact she just calmly looked at what the nurse was doing and never complained.

I was so proud of her.

However, on Friday she started to run a slight fever and the poor girl was full of mucus and phlegm all weekend. Despite that she slept well last night and today seems to have turned the corner. She was much brighter and despite a wobbly start when I dropped her off at nursery (she really didn't want Mummy to leave) she soon recovered and had a really good day. Her carers told me that she was still a bit shy with the other children but she is beginning to talk more and join in with the activities. She even managed a sleep at nursery, so is getting back in to her normal nursery routine.

The carers I've had most dealings with in the room, Lacey and Chris, have both been fabulous. They've really done everything they could to make the transition as smooth as possible for Lauren and me. I am so grateful that they are there looking after her!

Tomorrow, Lauren has her day with Mummy. I'm hoping that she'll be in the mood to go to the Park Club to play (also slightly weather dependent). Later this week, I'm getting ready for a big Chinese feast to celebrate my dad's and my brother's birthdays. It will also be chance to prepare some New Year food, as mum and dad are away for the actual event as they are going to Hong Kong to see my grandparents.

Jocey and I will go raid the Chinese supermarket on Thursday in preparation!

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