Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Last day and The Quest for Good Childcare, Part V

Lauren had her last day at her nursery in Hammersmith yesterday. It was really upsetting. Lauren has been at this excellent nursery in Hammersmith for almost two years. She has grown to love the nursery and her carers and has made many little friends.

We had assumed that the threat of closure over the nursery had blown over because we had heard nothing for so long. However, just before Christmas the staff and parents were given the devastating news that the nursery is being forced to close after all.

It is open until the end of February but many of the parents have already pulled out. We had been given the option of moving to a sister nursery in Fulham or Richmond at reduced rates in compensation. However, neither nursery is particularly close by, so many of the children are going elsewhere in the local area.

We have decided to try out the Richmond nursery, as it is on the way to work for both of us with only a minor detour needed. I took Lauren around the nursery to see it just before Christmas and was relieved to find that she instantly recognised the familiar Happy Times routine and settled in to play with the other children almost straight away.

I am confident that she will settle in quickly to her new nursery, as it has exactly the same routines and activities as her old one, being run by the same company. However, it did not make yesterday any easier as we had to say goodbye to the fabulous carers (Papia, Ilona and Zanetta in particular) who have done such a wonderful job of looking after Lauren over the last 19 months. I know she will miss them and so will we. I know Lauren will also miss her little friends (Tony, Alice, Amaana and Finn in particular) as well.

There was a lump in our throats as we left the nursery to come home for the last time.

Fingers crossed for tomorrow, when we go for our settling in session.

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