Thursday, January 24, 2008

Much cause for celebration

Today is my dad's and my brother's birthday. Jason is 30 today, but I won't reveal how old dad is! We celebrated their joint birthday last weekend when my parents were down visiting us in London.

It was quite a celebration as not only were we celebrating their birthdays but also the upcoming Chinese New Year and the wonderful news that Jason and Charlotte will be having a baby in July!

We can't wait to welcome the new arrival into the family! Everyone is so excited.

Such an occasion (as always in Chinese tradition) demanded extra special food, so mum and I cooked up a handsome feast of celebration food which all the family enjoyed. New year cakes, fish, prawns, squid, Buddist vegetables, longevity noodles - we all ate like kings.

Today, for the birthday boys, we're wishing them both many happy returns!

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Happy birthday GungGung and Uncle Jase!

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