Thursday, January 31, 2008

Much fun and "My Nini"

Last weekend, we decided to go swimming as a family. I was a little bit apprehensive as Lauren is quite afraid of the water and has cried and wailed in the pool on previous visits.

However, I think as we've been going more frequently, she has gradually accepted the idea that it might actually be fun. She managed to enjoy the pool this time and didn't cling tightly to me the whole time like a limpet. She even managed to splash and kick in the water (as Jocey was doing this too) and we all enjoyed playing a game of swimming away from the crocodile (Daddy). There were even squeals of laughter!

We had a bit of a nice surprise this Tuesday. I went with the girls to the park near our home to play, as the weather was quite mild. It was a really glorious day; it was sunny, mild and not too windy. I was sitting with Lauren on the park bench having a snack when she suddenly took interest in one of the other little girls in the park.

"Nini! Nini on swing, Mummy," Lauren kept saying. I was a bit puzzled and asked her if she was sure. "Yes, my Nini!" Lauren said. I decided that since Lauren was so adamant that we should confront "Nini" and her grandad.

Turns out that the little girl was Lily, one of the little girls from Lauren's group at her old nursery. Lily's grandad told me that Lily was about to start at a new nursery locally. I told him how much Lauren missed her little friends (the other night, Lauren asked for "her Tony") but that she seemed to be settling into her new nursery.

"Nini" and Lauren had a great time playing together on the climbing frame until it was time for her to go home. Lily didn't want to leave; maybe she misses Lauren too. I was sad to see the effect the breakup of the nursery has had on the children.

On the plus side, this week we've had a breakthrough on the nursery front. She hasn't cried at all this week when I've dropped her off. Today, she even went willingly into her room and joined in with the other children straight away without any fuss. Maybe it was the lovely firemen that did the trick yesterday. When we arrived yesterday, there was a big shiny fire engine outside the nursery, along with some very nice firemen. Lauren immediately joined in with the rest of her group and seemed to thoroughly enjoy looking at the fire engine and meeting the firemen.

I am very relieved. It's so much better now that I'm not worrying about her.

I'm now looking forward to more fun at the pool and the Park Club this weekend!

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