Friday, January 18, 2008

Much wailing

I'm finding the whole nursery thing pretty stressful at the moment. It takes 20-30 minutes to get there from the house, although when the traffic allows it can take as little as 15 minutes to get back. It therefore takes about an hour to take Lauren to nursery and come back home (and thus two hours of every day, as I am currently doing both drop off and pick up).

Lauren has been quite unsettled by the move to the new nursery. When we were at the old nursery, she used to look forward to going and run in when we got there. Now, every morning I get "Not go blue nursery, Mummy" from her. I know she misses her old nursery and I don't think she really understands why we're not going there any more. I have tried explaining it to her but she is only two years old after all.

When I can persuade her to the car, she is no trouble. However, when we arrive and go to her room at the nursery I am faced with a full blown tantrum with lots of crying and wailing. It is very upsetting. I've had to endure a week of this and suspect that there's a lot more to come yet.

Despite this behaviour when I try to leave her there, I know that within a few minutes she's back to normal. I often wait downstairs in the nursery to check that she settles; her room in the nursery is on the first floor overlooking the entrance atrium, so I can hear her from the entrance.

It is frustrating because I know she still enjoys going. When I go to pick her up in the evening, she is full of smiles and chatter so I know she has had a good day. However, the upheaval of changing nurseries and finding herself with carers and children she doesn't know is obviously upsetting for her.

I am hoping that she will make friends soon and feel a bit more at home. I feel so sad to see her upset.

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