Thursday, February 07, 2008

Achoo, achoo, achoo!!

You've probably figured out from the above that some of us are having a miserable time.

This morning, I found it it was probably Johnny's fault. I sneezed and was blowing my nose when Lauren observed, "Mummy, you got big apchoo. Johnny got big apchoo too." When I asked her more about it, it turns out that Johnny is one of the little boys in her group at nursery. Must be the little lad that Jase said was streaming with the cold last week.

Just our luck that Lauren, Jocey and I have all succumbed. Lauren is just getting over hers but poor Jocey and I are still streaming. I've had some pretty disturbed nights (in other words, no sleep) because I had to get up in the night to comfort first Lauren, then Jocey with their colds. All this and feeling rubbish myself!

I am amazed that Jase is the only one to have escaped so far, as he is not normally so lucky.

However, the girls remain in good spirits as you can see.

Home 002

Apart from the big black rings around my eyes, the girls and I had a fun day yesterday at the Park Club. We went down there to have lunch, after which Lauren, Jocey and I played in the soft play area. I pretended to be a big crocodile in a pond and chased Lauren around, stopping for "naps" and "snacking" on the big pink foam animals and the occasional little girl on the way. This is currently Lauren's favourite game. There was a lot of shrieking and laughter from the little girl and the other little girl in the soft play area with us.

I am always amazed at the number of parents who don't play with their kids. You would have thought that it would be a natural thing to do, but I have noticed (more often than not) that parents plonk their children in the soft play area and then wander off for a coffee. A lot of parents seem only interested in doing grown-up things with their kids (such as expecting them to play sports, watch TV or go shopping with them). It seems a shame that very few want to actually play with their kids on their terms. They have the rest of their lives to be grown up; I think childhood is sadly all too short today.

Anyway, I'm off to prepare some food and get ready for the Lunar New Year tomorrow! Hurray! We welcome the Year of the Rat tomorrow, meaning big birthdays in store for the Rat people in our family, Jase and Mum.

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