Tuesday, February 12, 2008

All potty

We have been trying to potty train Lauren for a little while now. We have been quite leisurely about this as we didn't want to knock her confidence as the household has suffered so many changes lately. Things have been going quite well and she will go to the potty when asked now.

This week at nursery, Lauren and a few of the other children have been potty training in earnest. I was told to bring in lots of pairs of pants and changes of clothing / shoes for the big day yesterday. At the end of the afternoon when Jase went to pick her up, we had a glowing report; it all went extremely well and she had been dry most of the day with only one little accident.

Today, Lauren is at home with me and she is less motivated to go without the encouragement of her little friends at nursery (I have noticed that children will do things so much better for their peers!) and we've had two little accidents. Apart from those two, she is doing really well and hasn't been in her nappy since last night.

We've just finished lunch and she is quite pleased with herself. She loves wearing her big girl pants!

Home 012

I'm not put off by the setbacks; I know these things take a bit of time. So today I'm doing lots of laundry.

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