Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Yukky cream

Poor Lauren and I had a miserable weekend. She was so itchy with her chicken pox that she couldn't sleep at night. We had to apply several layers of calamine lotion on her skin before she would settle enough to sleep.

Unfortunately, she hates the calamine. I think it's the way it feels when it first goes onto her skin (slimy). Maybe it was also stinging as a lot of the spots had burst and were forming scabs. Things got to the stage where she wouldn't let me change her nappy because she was afraid I would put on the "yukky cream"!

However, we are definitely over the worst and I notice that she is scratching a lot less today. There are also no new spots and the ones that are left are mostly scabbed over or beginning to fade. There's been no fever either for two days, so I feel she is definitely on the mend.

I had a tummy bug at the weekend and felt really miserable and shivery for 24 hours. I slept most of Saturday when the tummy ache and nausea would allow, but fortunately developed no vomiting or other nastiness. My appetite has just about got back to normal today. I am really exhausted as I have been getting up multiple times in the night with Lauren since she became unwell and have had to get up (at different times of course) with Jocey as well.

I am just hoping now that Jocey doesn't get the chicken pox as well as the last week has been really tough and I could really do with a bit of a rest. Let's hope that's the last we'll need the yukky cream for a while!

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Kim said...

Hope you all feel better soon and I'm glad that to hear the itchy scratchy yucky chicken pox are almost gone!