Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Feeding and finding new teeth

Over the last two weeks (with a break when she was unwell) we have been trying to wean Jocelyn onto solids.  She's just turned 6 months old, so it was about time.  For a while now, Jocey has been showing interest in our food and us eating it.  Also, she wasn't able to sleep through the night in recent weeks and was waking up about twice in the night to feed, so I knew she must be ready.

On top of this, I am going back to work in a fortnight (can't believe how quickly that's come around!) so she has to be able to take fluids from a bottle for nursery.  She has her settling in sessions next week at Lauren's nursery.

Don't let her mild mannered ways and winning smiles fool you.  Underneath it all she is as determined as her big sister.  My two daughters definitely know their own minds.

The solids part has been easy.  She's taken to eating with great gusto and clearly loves her food.  Here she is eating solids for the first time.

Home 037

Jocey clearly enjoyed her food!  Look at the smiles.

Home 038

Here's a short video of Jocey eating solids for the first time.


However, taking the bottle has been an entirely different matter.  I've tried different bottles, different teats, different brands of milk and all with minimal success.  Today I have tried giving her expressed breast milk (so surely she can't complain that it tastes different!) but she would not drink it from the bottle.

I am getting quite desperate as she is going to nursery next week but I am going to hang in there and keep trying until she gets used to the idea.  Unfortunately, Jocey has never been good with bottle feeding, so I may be in for some worrisome ties ahead.

On another note, I discovered that her bottom teeth have broken through last week.  The small sharp ridge on her lower gum suddenly became teeth!  You have to look closely to see them in her mouth but I can assure you (and my finger can definitely verify this as I have been chewed) that they are there.

Jocey is back to normal and most of the scabs are falling off, so I am thankful for that.  We had a really lovely day yesterday at the Park Club with Jase and Charlotte so things are finally looking up after a terrible month.  I have both of my happy girls back!


Lisa said...

I hope I'm not out of line here - nothing worse than unasked-for parenting advice! But she is old enough that you could just try her on a cup, whether a doidy or a sippy-type with a spout. Or, my sister had a similar problem with her first but she was fooled into taking the bottle by lots of bouncing and loud singing - we think Mia was so bemused she forgot to refuse to drink!

Jase said...

Ironically she feeds from the bottle for me fairly well. The problem for Serena is that Jocey knows there is a source of "Mummy Milk" close at hand so she spits out and nuzzles the relevant area of Mummy's T-shirt!
Whilst I may appear to be able to provide milk, Jocey seems to realise that mine don't work!

Lisa said...

Then no problem, surely? If she'll take a bottle from you she will most likely take one from the nursery staff. Fingers crossed!

Kim said...

Hey Serena! I am giving you the You Make My Day award. Someone left it on my blog...believe it or not...and I wanted to pass it on. You make my day!

Rena said...

Thanks Kim!

I was so glad to see you're back updating the blog again; we miss you both!