Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Garden transformation

With the girls having been unwell, I really haven't had as much time to blog recently. However, with them both now back to their normal happy selves I am finally getting back into our normal routine.

Two weeks ago, we had an exciting garden makeover. I've posted pictures of my garden before on this blog, and received some nice compliments from people. However, I always felt it lacked something, but was unable to say exactly what it needed. Last month, I took the plunge and asked a professional to come to help us.

Anyhow, the day arrived for the garden makeover and I was a little apprehensive as it was grey and overcast. That didn't seem to worry my gardener Helen as she appeared confident that she could manage despite the possibility of rain.

This is my garden on the morning of the transformation. The winter has made my garden look a little sad, compared to how it looked last summer.

Garden 001

Within about half an hour of her arrival, she had tamed the front, allowing her to move onto the back garden. A lot of beautiful plants started to emerge from her van.

Garden 002

Lauren and I spent the morning and afternoon watching Helen and her helper paint the fences, tidy our beds and pots and lay the new shingle. She was fascinated by the whole process.

Here's the end result of all their hard work.

Garden 003

I love the way the garden now looks. It is low maintenance but has plenty of interest and looks very smart. I realise that what was missing from my garden previously was structure; Helen moved some of my plants and repositioned pots to achieve the best effect. I can't wait to see how it looks when the plants are more settled and established.

All in all, money well spent. I'm looking forward to enjoying it a bit more this summer (if we actually have a summer this year of course)!


Lisa said...

Yeah, that looks great! What is the grass in the pot bottom left, please? Very pretty.

GF said...

I have to admit I feel very guilty for rarely commenting.

I read every update on the blog as soon as it's posted (RSS feed you see), but you can't add comment from their, so I never get around to it. I keep saying I will, but I end up doing something or WILF-ing or something... ;)

Anyway, don't think I'm not around or not reading the updates.

PS Garden looks really good indeed.

Kim said...

Very Nice. It looks so cozy and inviting! Makes me wish I could be there.

Jase said...

Hmm, Lisa (assuming you mean bottom right) I think it is a Japanese Sedge, but the Gardener added lots of stuff and didn't leave the ID tags. We have a "mystery tree" that will remain a mystery until it grows and flowers!

Lisa said...

Ah, do you know I have never been able to tell left from right!

Rena said...

Thanks for all the comments, everyone!

I promise I will post another picture update of the garden as the plants grow a bit more this spring.