Friday, March 21, 2008

Happy Times are here again

Jocelyn is having her first full day at her new nursery today.  We have had a few settling in days this week and I have been surprised at how quickly she's adapted to her new surroundings.  Nita and Anna, the carers in her room are really lovely.

Over the last few days, she has (somewhat reluctantly) started taking milk out of a bottle.  Hooray for the Tommee Tippee bottles and the Cow & Gate baby milk winning combination!

I've just phoned the nursery to get an update and they tell me she's eaten all her lunch, drunk all her milk, slept and is now having a great time playing with the toys and her new little friends.  She's also beginning to sit up on her own; I can't believe how much she's progressed this week.

This is Jocelyn playing happily at the nursery yesterday afternoon.

Nursery 005

Lauren is also really pleased that Jocey is going to "blue nursery" with her.  We dropped off Jocey together at the baby room today and she was the proud big sister.

It is a huge relief and weight off my mind and I now feel able to go back to work next week without worrying about my baby girl.

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